Smart Home Integration For Elderly Comfort

By | October 2, 2020

While a smart home is not a gadget per se, it’s still seeing more and more demand from homeowners around the world. 

“What is a smart home?”, you may wonder.

A smart home is essentially a multitude of home appliances within a local network inside your house that’s inter-connected via the Internet i.e. The Internet of Things (IoT).

Smart Homes for Smart Elderly Parents

From controlling the lighting of your home to automatically setting the internal temperature to even controlling and monitoring the security of your abode, IoT allows you to take full control of your home — all from the convenience of a central command centre on your mobile device i.e. a smartphone app.

In this case, the application of IoT provides a comfortable, assisted living environment for your elderly parents with the use of a legion of smart home appliances. For instance, IoT may be used to secure your home with proximity sensors that detect suspicious activity around the potential entrances into your home. Thus, ensuring the safety of your parents at all times.

And while we’re still on the subject of safety, you may also consider using fingerprint door locks to secure your elderly parents’ home. Having a keyless home removes the fear of being locked out if you (or the elderly) happen to forget the house keys. And it also gives them one less thing to bring on their persons whenever they’re out and about.

Otherwise, smart homes are simply a great investment for your peace of mind. If something does happen to your elderly parents at home (knock on wood), the built-in emergency response/elderly monitoring systems will notify you immediately so that you may take appropriate, swift action.